Activating tools for Self Love & Divine Unity

Do you ever feel like selfcare isn't important? Do you ever feel guilty for taking time to yourself?

The self is such a beautiful and important concept in indigenous culture. In the Akoma S.O.U.L. system, the S. stands for Self.

The Art

You (SELF) are a unique expression of the Most High, a unique symphony of vibration, that will never be duplicated. Each of us comes to the Earth with a special purpose, a medicine to offer the community.

But in present culture, we often put too much focus on isolating the self or too much emphasis on "doing for self". We're focused on individualism instead of individuality.

Individuality = uniqeness! And the celebration of uniquness is done in community.

Relationships are seen as a threat to individuality... The truth is, one doesn't lose oneself as a result of community. On the contrary, being in community leads to a healthy sense of belonging, greater generosity, better distribution of resources, and a greater awareness of the needs of the self and others.
~Malidoma Some

The Science

The science of selfcare involves how you're taking care of the 3 domains of the Self. There are some things you do daily and others weekly. Some things you may visit seasonally and even others that only occur at pivitol periods of your life cycle development.

A great selfcare regiment is an ongoing transformation toward your ever evolving ideal Self. You'll have to be conscious but also flexible. Disciplined but also fluid.

How are you caring for self right now in this period?


Rituals are also broken down into 3 domains: community rituals, family rituals and individual rituals.

This month, we're exploring individual ritual starting with the physical self.

Caring for your body, heart and mind are ways to show yourself love. And the love you show yourself informs everyone around you on how they can meet you in love/community.

In what ways can you show your physical body love this week? What are some of the physical things you already do that you can bring more awareness and sacredness to?

Do the things you do for selfcare actually restore you? Or are you still feeling empty after your day of pampering, your counseling session or your time out with friends?
A lot of times you think it's gotta be 1) "I'm working on myself" or 2) "I'm ready for a relationship."
But it's not either/or. The way you care for yourself sets the tone for how another loves you.
And the truth is, you're working on yourself for LIFE so... There is no time or destination on the journey where working on yourself is checked off.
It's also true that there's a fine line between neglecting the self and blending your life with another person's.
It's time to know, love and care for yourself from a holistic perspective.
Most of us learn early how to survive the adults in our life. We're taught how to protect ourselves and defend ourselves from family and community.

The lessons that we learn give us a unique skill set, but they aren't always the skills we need to love the Self.

In this course:

  • you'll learn the 3 domains of the Self
  • you'll also learn how to create a selfcare plan and
  • why sharing your selfcare is an important part of your most intimate relationships.

Your Instructor

Montsho & Nwasha Edu
Montsho & Nwasha Edu

Monthso and Nwasha Edu use the Art & Science of Black Love Culture to help you decolonize your love and create the relationships of your wildest dreams.

They are a happily married SOUL MATE team and Co-Founders and Co-Directors of The Akoma House Initiative, a culturally based Counseling and Consulting Firm. They're initiates in Nile Valley Kushite, Dagara and Batswana systems and use universal Black cultural principle and values to guide their work.

The Edus are the creators of Akoma Day (The Cultural Alternative to Valentine's Day currently celebrated in 14 countries), the best-selling authors of 3 books (Akoma Day: Guidebook into the Science of Soul mating, You Are What You Cheat: Guidebook into Understanding and Overcoming Infidelity, and 20 Beautiful Women: 20 More Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion And Inspire Your Divine Purpose African Edition), and the creators of Black Love School (an online portal that unifies a global black community around the philosophies (why to) and methods (how to) of harmoniously healthy Black Love).

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